Looks like someone needs a job-y job.

27 08 2008

There was a time in my life when the sound of Angel sent shivers up my spine.


Picture it, the 90s, thousands of girls all in one place.  Swaying.  Head scarves flowing in the wind and Birkenstocks kicked off.

Ah, those heady days of yore where every young lesbian was given the gift of the Lilith Fair.  The possibility of a summer of blissful, sound-tracked hook-ups, all wrapped up in a neat bow.


Fast-forward to now.   

Angel and Ms. McLachlan implore me to save the life of a dog in that ASPCA commercial and succeed in sending more shivers my spine.

But these are shivers of embarrassment.


Though she’s tried, she’s fallen…

She’s sunk so low.

She’s messed up

Better she should’ve known.

And now I’ve come round here

To tell her, “I told you so.”




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