Dudes, Lincoln is totally pissed that you’re crashing his party.

6 09 2008

Some thoughts on the RNC from your favourite Baby Power Dyke:

  1. Joe Lieberman is the cock-block in the singles bar of the American senate -or perhaps just democracy.
  2. It’s a shame that CNN was so liberal leaning that it had been unable to find at least two or three moderately youthful, somewhat attractive, well-dressed, self-possessed, happy republicans to show on TV (as opposed to the hordes of old, out-of-shape, disheveled, unhinged (or red-faced/necked), angry republicans that made quite the menacing ring around the stage).

    A choice fashion don't from the party obsessed with mocking Hillary's pantsuits.

    RNC Fashion Don't

  3. Rudy Giuliani should just tattoo 9/11 on his forehead to save same time and a lot of breath.

    What Rudy see when he looks in the mirror.

    What Rudy sees when he looks in the mirror.

  4. Sarah Palin would have been better served by taking a nice long walk off of the end of the Bridge to Nowhere.
  5. The only change that McCain knows about is what to do when he wets his adult diapers.



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