Tina Fey breaks happen to the best of us.

25 09 2008

Now here’s the thing: I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m some kind of a fashion maven.

In truth how I dress now: well-fitted jeans, well-fitted oxford shirt with silk tie under a t-shirt (or a sweater, or a small boy’s blazer depending on the weather) with well-fitted loafers (when I’m going more casual I’ll just wear a snug-ish t-shirt [or polo shirt] or a spaghetti-strapped tank top with the jeans and some converse) is pretty much how I dressed when I was ten.
Only more flattering to my dandy-ish figure.

So I cannot pretend that I know anything about fashion or trends or this new shade of red that Debra Messing is sporting.

Pearls, watch and a smile.

Pearls, watch and a smile.

[Okay, I take that back… I cannot pretend that I know anything more about fashion or trends than the fact that Michelle Obama would make even a burlap sack look amazing because she knows the power of accessories because she was raised right.]
(And also, let’s face it, the gay boys are generally the ones with the great fashion sense. Let’s not lie to ourselves we’ve all had that moment where we’ve tuned in to Ellen and thought, “Oh, hunny no!”)

So yeah, I’m not exactly “hip.” But what I do know about fashion and trends and the new shade of red that Debra Messing is sporting is what I like.

And what I don’t like is Uggs with leggings.
(I feel like you can you tell that I don’t like the new shade of red that Debra Messing is sporting. And what? 13 freaking Emmy nods for that Starter Wife. Shut up! Well, at least they gave my girl Tina Fey her due. Ahh… Tina Fey. So smart. So pretty. How is she not on the team? Can’t I just nominate her to Honorary Lesbian-dom? You know what? I’m not asking. I’m doing. I hereby nominate [and elect] Tina Fey to Honorary Lesbian-dom. Yay! Tina Fey! Yay! Team! Oh my goodness how AWESOME would it be if Rachel Maddow had Tina Fey on her show? The answer is: SO FREAKING AWESOME! That is the exact answer.)

And. scene.

First of all: still with the Uggs?
Second of all: still with the leggings?
I mean, I know that the newest poster girl for our everyday nice girlongirl action, La Lohan, has a her very own line of leggings that she’s hawking. And after all of the trouble of the past few years, I’m going to let her slide on that one because, uhm, seriously, leggings from Lindsay are not the cry for help that Jared Leto was. Leggings from Lindsay are the, (sigh) “Well, she is from Long Island.” But for most of the world, leggings are a no-no.

And leggings with Uggs…

Here’s my suggestion: pants and shoes. Invest in them.
(Except for you Lindsay. You’re alright, darlin’.)




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