Let’s make a deal.

28 09 2008

I don’t know if it’s comforting or discomforting that this 70s game show behemoth is easier and safer to follow than what’s going on with the bailout plan. The whole thing would be so much better if Monty Hall were involved.

I know that there was a breakthrough early this morning (no thanks to John McCain suspending his campaign. Which, by the way, is it still suspended? Was it ever suspended? Was John McCain just talking about suspenders? Does John McCain know the difference?).

And here’s a link to CNN Money where they’ve got a copy of the current draft of the bill (which I’m having a hard time opening on my computer). While watching CNN I find myself bemused by the fact that the first commercial on after CNN’s “Your Money” was for Ameriprise Financial Planning -for secure retire planning.

Haven’t gotten the memo yet, have you, Ameriprise? Or do you agree that the fundamentals of our economy are still strong?

Right now it looks like there’s going to be a vote in the House on Tuesday (hopefully the House Republicans will get the appeasement that they need to play ball) and a vote in the Senate on Wednesday. So it looks like it’ll be Wednesday evening before we see what’s behind door #1.

I just can’t wait to make that deal.

No matter which do you choose you don't lose $700B.

No matter which door you choose you don't lose $700B




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28 09 2008
Elitada News » Let’s make a deal.

[…] matter which door you choose you don't lose $700B Click here to display full story Tagged: Ameriprise, Ameriprise Financial, Appeasement, Bailout Plan, Behemoth, Breakthrough, CNN, […]

28 09 2008
Baby Power Dyke

Elidata News,
Thanks for linking to my posting. It’dve been totally awesome if you’d properly cited me on your site.
It would have been nice if you’d cited PretePress as well.

You know, that way we feel complimented as opposed to compromised.

It’d also be WICKED awesome if your “Comment” link wasn’t as big a hoax as McCain’s health care plan. That way the compromised bloggers could respond to you directly.

Good luck with your piracy.


2 10 2008
Tom Prete

Ha, ha, thanks BPD. That cracks me up.

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