Last night, I didn’t get to sleep at all.

4 11 2008

I was so excited about today that all I did was toss and turn.

Finally the alarm went off and it was voting time.

Girlfriend and I waited in line about an hour (and what a wonderful hour it was) in wonderful temperate fall weather. We watched the crimsoning leaves and the children playing in them. We listened as the parents read to their children or explained to them why they were voting and why the long line was a good thing for America. We saw young Black dudes in the line. Young Hispanic dudes. We saw old people. We saw vampiric college-aged kids overcoming their aversion to morning light to stand in line to vote.

And then it was our turn to vote.

I voted!

I voted!

First I handed that little card to the nice man at the poll (who told me that he was so happy that he’d been able to vote early this morning for Obama), then the nice man pulled the lever to the right and held the curtains for me so that I could enter and then I went into the booth.

In the booth, I checked the machine twice and then pinched myself and checked it again to make sure that I was really seeing Barack Obama’s name. And then I flicked the switch and felt a wave of joy when I saw the X appear next to his name.

When I pulled the lever back to the left, my hand was shaking. Part of me is still shaking.

But in the most hopeful way possible.




One response

4 11 2008
Baby Power Dyke

I just got my first homophobic comment.

I decided not to approve it for publication because 1. I know that the individual who wrote it doesn’t have the fortitude to come back to this blog (as the individual who wrote it doesn’t even have to fortitude for proper sentence diagramming or verb conjugation) and 2. that if that individual DID come back to this blog, he wouldn’t have the courage or the intellect to participate in any sort of meaningful discourse and 3. obviously, this individual decided to stab out at someone over the internet because he is either afraid, unwilling or unable to make a stand in his real life.

And today is about us, friends. Today is for those of us who know that we can affect the change that we wish to see in this world.

Yes We Can.

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