Barack your world.

9 11 2008

So is giving away Obama stickers (stickers which say, “Yes We Did” which leads me to point out the fact that I was saying, “Yes We Did” on Tuesday night on Facebook before MSNBC or had even stopped sniveling. So there! [Uhm, more on my sniveling later.][And also, we can be Facebook friends if you want. Or we can be Twitter friends. Yes We Can!]) and I, of course, had to sign myself up for one as soon as I found out.

And then I turned to GF on the couch and glared at her until she was forced to admit that she wasn’t planning on giving the sticker that she’d just ordered to me. That was disquieting.

To console myself I started thinking about all other options for Barackification.

The US Mint has already got a coin out.
You know that Ebony and Essence are chomping at the bit to paint their mags Obama and Vogue is all over Michelle like a Maria Pinto sheath.
There’s the Barack Obama squeezie thingie which I would GLADLY trade in for a good old fashioned action-figure.
Or a bobble-head.
Or an Obama Family snow-globe (Christmas is on its way.)

Though, now that I’m thinking about it, I think that what the world needs now is love, sweet love and a WWBD bracelet or, better yet, a WWMW (What Would Michelle Wear) bracelet [course, Michelle probably wouldn’t wear a said bracelet.]

And then there’s music.
Because nothing says Barack n’ Roll like a rock album. OhEmGee what if Barack and Michelle had some sort of secret Ashford & Simpson type skills.


(But before we get all Solid as Barack about things can we just all take a moment to wonder about why Nick Ashford could never seem to find himself a decent shirt when it came time to take a picture for the album cover? Because, for real Nick!?! They totally had shirts in the 70’s.)

It could be a cover album.
He and Joe Biden could cover Ebony & Ivory.
The whole campaign team could do We are the Champions (they could give David Axelrod a nice guitar solo in that).
Oooh! Maybe Malia and Sasha could be incorporated (the Von Obama Family Singers) in a rousing rendition of We Are Family.
Barack could have a solo spot with I Rock the Party or as I like to call it Barack the Party. (I’m sure that MC Lyte would be cool.)

Or! What about a special Obama edition of Pound Puppies? The Obama family is on the lookout for a dog for the girls. And there’s no puppy quite as hypo-allergenic as a Pound Puppy.

But I would really love is an Obama family Russian Tea Doll set. Sasha could go inside of Malia and Malia could go inside of Michelle and Michelle could go inside of Barack. Genius!

There are just so many options.
You know, the Queen has tea sets.

I would totally buy a Michelle Obama tea set! Wouldn’t you?




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9 11 2008
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