Baby Power Dyke loves the Holidays!

15 12 2008

But mostly, I love making smart-assy holiday cards like the ones pictured below.

Check them out!



All I want for Christmas is stuff I can’t afford.

7 12 2008

It is official, the holiday season is upon us and I want you to know that I am currently accepting gifts for Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us) and my favourite holiday of them all (new this year): Because You’re Just So Freaking Awesome BPD day.

Because I know that you’re all clamoring to get me gifts I thought that I’d make it easier for you by compiling a list. Please feel free to leave a comment when you’ve gotten me something so that I can check it off of the list and send you a lovely e-card.

Introducing BPD’s I Want the World. I Want the Whole World (minus the garbage chute) List

  1. To make a sale on my CafePress site.
  2. The Troy Aikman of 10 to 15-years ago as opposed to that panicky suck-ass Tony Romo.
  3. One of Susan Mikula’s pieces.
  4. A beer with my pretend girlfriend, Rachel Maddow, to talk about, among other things, Susan Mikula’s work (but mostly just to stammer at her about how she’s so smart).
  5. An afternoon to follow my one and only true comic genius love Tina Fey, around the set of 30 Rock and laugh at all of her jokes.
  6. The complete recordings, all on vinyl, of Billie Holiday.
  7. A cute little house in Brooklyn.
  8. Nachos.
  9. 2500 shares of Apple, Inc.
  10. The new Barack Obama Commemorative Plate.

So that’s the list so far. I’m always open to suggestions and gift cards.