So far. So good.

24 01 2009

Getting a jump start on the crucial first 100 days of his presidency, Barack Obama accomplishes the following in the first 100 hours (as of noon on Saturday, January 24th).

  1. Convinced Aretha Franklin to dig out her church hat and go to town.

    Bad-ass hat.

    Bad-ass hat.

  2. Increased his swoonability factor to the one-trakallionth degree.

    (The answer, by the way, is “very good looking.”)
  3. Took the Oath of Office twice.
  4. Revamped to make it more user-friendly and promote the transparency of the Obama Administration [which, “Obama Administration” totally just sent shivers down my spine].
  5. Proved that he has much better luck as President than Wyclef Jean.
  6. Ordered the closure of Guantanamo.
  7. Took a firm stand against torture.
  8. Put firm limits on lobbying.
  9. Put the freedom back into the Freedom of Information Act.
  10. Raised a ruckus over the International Gag Rule.
  11. Caused Aaron McGruder to make a big ol’ fool out of his sour grapes self.
  12. Made a whole bunch more money for Blackberry.
  13. Put the smack-down on Rush Limbaugh’s listeners in the Congress.
  14. Delivered his weekly address.  Online.
    Vodpod videos no longer available.
  15. Gave my girlfriend, Rachel Maddow, something new (though I must say, a something far less worrisome than before) to worry about.

I guess, essentially, during his first 100 hours the Obama Administration has achieved more awesomeness than the Bush Administration did in eight years.





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