Old people are America’s greatest menace.

21 07 2009

I should know.  My very own grandmother is old, has a cane and owns her own home.

Just like this guy.

My grandmother is also prone to yelling at people who disturb her peace by entering, without consent, her home.

So I get it.
I am afraid of old people too.

I’ve got to tell you that if I looked out of my window and saw this old person, I would most certainly call the police.



I’m sure that you saw him on Dr. Maddow’s show last week.

What to say about Uncle Pat?  
Other than: If I looked out of my window and saw Pat Buchanan I would call the police because he undoubtedly wants to reclaim everything that I have because he believes that a white man deserves it more than me and that, in fact, I stole it from said white man with my stickysticky Affirmative Actions fingers.

I will say that I was impressed with his ability to name all of six defenseless, pitiless white men (and one white woman) who’d been victimized by Affirmative Action while simultaneously ignoring the generations of people of color who’d been victimized by institutional racism and socioeconomic disenfranchisement.

Pat Buchanan is the worst kind of American. He is the kind that confuses xenophobia with National pride and patriotism with White Patriarchy. His dedication to living in his word of bigotry, fear and isolation is admirable in its sheer wrongheaded single-mindedness.

His assertions that America was built by White Men is laughable at best.
Citing that there were no women or people of color involved with writing the Framing documents shows a complete disregard for historical context. It also ignores human context – given that the Framers relied on women to clothe them and feed them and people of color to plow their field and keep their homes so that they, these privileged few, could go and commit terrorist actions against their government.
The argument that white men and only white men fought in the wars for Independence is erroneous. I guess he doesn’t know about the white slave holders who sent their slaves to fight in their stead. I guess he thinks that the injured men just cared for themselves, cooked for themselves, repaired their own clothes and at the same time stayed behind in their villages to tend their own homes and raise their own children.

To assert that white men and only white men are entitled to hold positions of privilege, because they’re the ones that do everything worth doing is, well, patently false and if his mother were alive, or, I suspect, his mammy, he’d be put over the knee that his father knelt at.

I guess I could say all of that.
But then, Rachel Maddow did.

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It’s nice to know that my girlfriend has my back (and the police on speed dial – let’s just hope it’s not the Cambridge Police).




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4 08 2009
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