Maybe if he had talked to his mama outside none of this would have happened.

25 07 2009

Firstly, I’d like to start by thanking The Black Snob for hipping me to Justine Larbalestier who has, this morning, become my newest girlfriend.  She’s talented, thoughtful and, as you can see, from her bio, has great taste in boots.
I love a woman who is talented, thoughtful and has great shoes.

I love a woman who works hard to think about the space that she occupies in a multi-cultural world.

Maybe she should teach classes on racial-profiling instead of Sgt. James Crowley.

You see how I did that there?  Sergeant James Crowley.  See how I used his title, and didn’t call him a “cop” and respected his status?
I’m really good at that aren’t I?  Maybe I should teach classes.
I think that Officer James Crowley could stand for a few lessons on how respect the status of the Leader of the Free World, our Commander and Chief, President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Lesson 1:
Don’t arrest the President’s friend for being disorderly in his own home.  (In his own home!)

Lesson 2:
Apologize.  Even if you thought you were right in the heat of the moment: when you entered an old man’s home without his consent, confirmed his identity, got embarrassed because the old man proceeded to carve you out a larger asshole and you decided to show him who was boss (in his own home) and arrested him – it has now become more than apparent that the thing to do is apologize.
If it doesn’t appeal to you to “be the bigger man” [which, le sigh is the rationale that assholes – oh, I’m sorry, my manners, Sergeant Assholes – always use to make themselves feel better when they are forced to own up to their assholitry.] or think about repairing the image of your police squad and your fellow officers.  Most importantly, use your “training” to think about historical context (especially when arresting an old black man in his own home] and at least apologize for how things may seem.

Don’t wave your dick at the world by refusing to apologize.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lesson 3:
When the President of the United States of America, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of the America, Leader of the Free World, Barack Obama, calls you out on your stupid Sergeant, don’t demand an apology of him.

I mean, that’s just poor manners.  And while his mother may have raised him to be a dick-waving, historical context ignoring, gym teacher neck having, old man in his own house arresting masshole she probably didn’t raise him to be rude.

NOTE: As I was writing this post, The Black Snob just clued me in the to fact that apparently everything is now going to be hashed out over some beers.  Maybe they’ll go some place where Ebony and Ivory is a selection for karaoke.

Frankly, if I were Professor Gates, I’d be pretty skeptical that this isn’t just as excuse for the overzealous officer to arrest me for a DUI.




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