You live. You learn. (This is not about you, Alanis.)

2 08 2009

When I was younger I was desperately jealous of the French.
To a 5-year old, they seemed to have it all.

French horns

French’s Mustard

French bulldogs

French toast

French fries

And most importantly, French benefits.
Which to me, at five, was about being allowed – nay required – to have an unlimited supply of berets and changing your middle named to Frere Jacques.

When I found out that that term was Fringe Benefits, I really couldn’t see a benefit of this
over this

but I was six.

I am 29 years old and I know what a fringe benefit is, but I still stand by my thought at 6 that, there are no benefits to fringe.

Sorry Cher.

Dont look so surprised.

Don't look so surprised.




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