Whole lot of lovin’.

9 08 2009

I would like to thank Susan of Black-Eyed Susan for this wonderful idea.  It was so wonderful, I thought that I’d participate and pass along the info so that you can participate too.

I visited five blogs (five new blogs for me) and left some love in the comments section.  Those blogs are:

Poet Mom.
I was pretty much hooked from the Beckett quote that she’s found a way to work into her template.
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
A lot of my artist/actor friends use the Martha Graham quote which urges the artist to keep the channel open as their touchstone.  And indeed, it is wonderful to know oneself to be  host and a singularly unique medium of expression in the world.  But the Beckett quote helps me to connect immediately with myself – on the brink of self-discovery – in training at the Stella Adler studio and fills me with the desire to fail ever more brilliantly and reminds me that the artist’s apprenticeship is never complete.
Honestly, I would have been pleased to stumble across this blog if only for the gift of this quote alone but the real treat is that Poet Mom is going to have her first collection of poetry published in November, 2009.  I’ve already got it on my Amazon.com wish list along with Liar.  Get there, ya’ll.

Black Threads in Kid’s List
Did you know that there were more than 2 or 3 black superwomen in comics?  I sure as hell didn’t until I found this awesome post.  The video changed my life.  Changed my life, so much in fact, that when RedHeaded Stepchild and I were out on our post brunch mimosa mojito [edit: 10:22PM, RHS, from the other side of the couch, reminds me that she had a mojito] (her) and Bloody Maria walk-off we passed Bergen Street Comics and I went in and came out with #7 of the new Black Panther featuring Shuri, King T’Challa’s sister as the new Black Panther.  That’s one foxy feline (and that’s one mixed metaphor).

I will admit that I stopped thinking seriously about feminists after Jessie Spano had that unfortunate run-in with caffeine pills but I am so excited about about Shakesville.  If only because this post has helped me to admit to myself that I really do want to be Canadian.

Hello, Negro
Why, hello yourself!  First of all I give props for thoughtfully choosing a provocative blog name.  Secondly, the disclaimer is just badass.

Note on racist comments: I’m sure that a lot of African American bloggers don’t post many of the racist comments that they get. We do. Why? It serves as a digital, in your face reminder that racism is alive and well. When someone tells you that it’s just a figment of your imagination, you can just point them to one of the racist comments we’ve posted. We try to make sure that there is more being said than just the n-word and some random cussing, so of course we delete about 50% of them.  If we’re going to post that sh** for history to record it might as well be interesting to read. Maybe we’ll compile all the comments one day into a book…”Racist comments: The Challenges faced in the life of black blogger”. Eh…not that title…but you get it.

This just sets the bar so high for all blog disclaimers that I know enough not even to compete.  Really, Hello, Negro is one blog that I do not want to say goodbye to.

The State of Discontent
I feel, wholeheartedly, that it’s better to live in the State of Discontent rather than the State of Denial but then again, my friends refer to me as Grandma with the “cranky” being silent.  I am a well-loved curmudgeon.  I felt super smart when I was able to pronounce her Jaelithe’s name before reading her pronunciation guide.  (I think that her mother found her name in this book, but I’ve been wrong before.)  The posts about her son remind me of exquisite haikus and this one damned near broke my heart.

…I am so glad that I took on this challenge.  What fun!




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16 08 2009

Awww….! Hello Negro thanks you for the LOVE!

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