Leave the Chanel at home.

27 08 2009

RHS is the maid of honor in a a dear friend’s wedding so we are schlepping up to the Berkshires this evening.

We will be staying in a beautiful little cottage with no phone, no TV and very spotty internet access so I will be offline for the better part of the weekend.  I panicked a little bit when I was finally clued in to the… rusticness of the whole thing, but I thought to myself, “Self WWWGD?”

“Why, Self,” I replied, “She would put on her cutest outfit and her most sensible (and fashionable) heels and have herself fun in the way only a Gilbert can.  She would relax, relate, release herself into the full celebration of the nuptials of the happy couple!”

Course, I think we all know that Whitley Gilbert would survive about two second in the Berkshires. I give myself four.




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30 08 2009
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[…] 30 08 2009 So this weekend while I was Whitley Gilberting around the Berkshires I managed to have myself a lovely time at a truly beautiful […]

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