Just the Facts

22 09 2009

I’ve had a couple of interesting responses to The Facts of Lifestyle.

What is interesting about them is that it seems that these few responders felt the need overlook the point that I was trying to make in order to defend the Duggars and to tell me to lay off of them.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

If you’re a fan of the Duggars don’t front.  If you don’t like when you think that people are talking smack about the Duggars, come clean.  That’s your thing.
You’re not interested in furthering the discussion; you’re interested in defending the Duggars.  And pretending otherwise, like say for example, that you’re worried that I might be lashing out at them and that’s just no good for me… that’s only going to burn my grits.  Just say you’re a fan, that you love the show, think the kids are adorable and that you can’t wait for the next Duggar.  Be honest.   I wouldn’t say boo to you.

Don’t chastise me on my own blog because you can’t (won’t) grasp the larger point that I was making.
Don’t wag your finger at me and tell me not to be judgmental.

I’ll bite that finger right on off.




4 responses

22 09 2009

I just want to give a “right on”.

That is all.

22 09 2009
Baby Power Dyke

Thank you!

22 09 2009

I ❤ you and your dangerous teeth! Keep biting!

23 09 2009
Baby Power Dyke

Will do!

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