Do you see what I see?

29 09 2009

Dear Mike Huckabee,
Thank you so much for recommending that part of my fair City be jack-hammed off to float out into oblivion.  Your desire to annex part of the Union really speaks to your patriotism.  Your eloquent display of tact proves to me just how important diplomacy is.

Also, it’s nice to know that you think that New York City has recovered enough after 9/11 for you to suggest digging a big crater in it.  I know that I’m still probably dealing with some PTSD, but it’s good that you’re totally able to move on.  It makes fills me with indescribable emotion to know that when I see this…

Ground Zero 2009

Ground Zero 2009

…you see this.

Ground Zero Unicorn, 2009

Ground Zero Unicorn, 2009

You must be taking classy lessons from the Phelps klan and I’ve got to say, with citizens like you, America sure doesn’t need to worry about enemies.




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