30 09 2009

What did the Democratic Congressman say to the Republican obfuscation and obstruction about health care reform?


My bad…  I totally thought that I was watching the Chappelle Show for a minute.
I mean, it is easy to confuse the brass pairs on this fellow…

… with the brass pairs on this fellow.¹




¹I agree that “holocaust” was not the right word and that surely he could have used something else to give his rhetoric some sting, but I do appreciate that there are still some Democrats willing to scrap (Rep. Weiner, Sen. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can’t do this on their own [I’m looking at you Max]).  I appreciate that he conceded to his poor word choice on Dr. Maddow’s show this evening.  Hopefully he’ll be a bit more thoughtful with his scrappiness in the future.




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