I was blind but now I see.

27 10 2009

I am not a movie person.

The actor part of me gets really frustrated when I watch them because they are so clearly the director’s and the cinematographer’s medium.
I am neither.

But I do see a movie now and then.  And when I saw Where the Wild Things Are I paid close attention to the trailers while I was waiting for RHS to come back from the bathroom so that I could guilt her into buying me concession.
Trailers can be teaching moments.

What I learned when I watched the trailer for The Blind Side, the new Sandra Bullock vehicle was very eye-opening.

  1. White people are so good and trusting and kind.
  2. Black people are so big and dumb and slow and poor.
  3. White people have beautiful homes.
  4. Black people don’t have homes.
  5. White people are stable.
  6. Black people are unpredictable.
  7. White people coach football.
  8. Black people play football.
  9. White people are the best thing to ever happen to black people.
  10. Black people are the best pets white people can have.

That trailer has been all over the place lately… teaching.
And when you’ve received the lesson, it’s not that hard to make the leap from black people to people of color in general.

And seems that there are certain boys and girls who are eager to lead the class.  Larry Whitten gets a gold star this week for learning the lesson so well.
Forbidding your employees to speak Spanish in your presence – not, mind you, when they’re dealing with customers, but when they are in the same room as you talking to their co-workers – because you don’t trust them.  A+
[Let’s not get it twisted, the fact that Whitten thought they might be talking about him – and who doesn’t talk about their boss? – directly implies that he doesn’t trust that they’re not.  And he doesn’t trust what they are saying about him.  He doesn’t trust them if he can’t understand them.]

Making  your employees change their names for “the satisfaction of [your] guests because people calling from all over America don’t know the Spanish accents or the Spanish culture or Spanish anything.”  A++
I mean, except for the fact that nearly everyone in the Taos knows something of the OUTLANDISHLY FOREIGN Spanish accents, culture and language.  Also, except for the fact that Martin is pronounced exactly in Spanish as it is in French and the American pronunciation of Martin is a nasty-garish derivative.
Asking someone to whiten up their name while simultaneously belittling their language and culture and ignoring the millions of people in America who are a part of that language an culture earns you this nice, pretty dunce cap Mr. Whitten.

Firing your employees because they didn’t kowtow to your white superiority.  Well that just takes the cape.  You get to graduate Grand Dragon Class Valedictorian.

I hope that you thank Sandra Bullock, Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment in your acceptance speech.




6 responses

28 10 2009

Today I have learned that black people exist to service the therapeutic needs of frustrated and unfulfilled white people. Thanks, Sandra Bullock! Next time buy a tamagotchi.

28 10 2009
Baby Power Dyke

@ Pharma
Tamagotchis die too fast. Magically black people are forever.

28 10 2009

But, but, Sandra will learn important lessons! How can we deny Sandra her important lessons?

I was pretty much staring in disbelief at that. That the black characters on the screen were the giant puppy who needs protecting, the poor mom who can’t/won’t take care of him, and the apparent gang members threatening his life. It actually reminds me of a conversation I was recently having about international adoptions, esp. of children of color who have parents in their native countries. We’re rescuing their children from them. See, we LOVE people of color. We want to save them from themselves and raise them just like us.

Because it worked out so well for the Native Americans/Indians/First Nations. And the Australian Aborigines.

It’s inevitably going to be classified as a “feel-good” movie. Barf.

28 10 2009
Baby Power Dyke

I think that what’s even more barfworthy is that someone will feel good when they see this move. They will feel validated.

And gosh darnit if that fella didn’t turn out to be quite the football player. 😡

28 10 2009

I appreciate your thoughts. I’ll add that I do not feel that adoptive, or “adoptive,” parents should be commended for “rescuing” children. I say this as an adoptee who works in an adoption related field.

28 10 2009

Why am I suddenly reminded of Harry and the Hendersons? This is the worst things since Dangerous Minds.

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