It’s hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain.

29 11 2009

Yeah, you know something is wrong when Axel Rose is your emotional voice.

November has been a hard month.

It started off well; I was all hot to trot about NaNoWriMo and started off with a bang on November 1st by nearly reaching my daily goal.  And then I sat and dithered for a week about what to write next and then my offline life decided to shit the bed.

RHS and I are fine but other things aren’t.
And it feels like every time we try and catch our breath we keep getting a punch to the gut by the Universe.  So I’ve been distracted and, for the most part disconnected in my on and offline life.  I didn’t try and process the Fort Hood shooting, I didn’t have the bandwidth for Stupak; I was too tired to make even easy jokes about Going Rogue.  It was all that I could do not to scream or cry every single day (including today), really.

And there was Thanksgiving.  Given all the what the what… I thought that I’d be as dry as an overcooked turkey when it came to reflecting on what I am thankful for.  But sometimes I surprise even myself.

So here’s a list that I’ve made for myself as a reward for making it through the month, and as a reminder, a touchstone, for those upcoming months that might be equally as hard.

I am thankful for:

The New York City skyline.  Regardless of what is going on in my life or how I am feeling, the view from the Q (or B) train over the bridge takes my breath away and fills me with joy.

Voicemail and video-mail messages from my sister of my nephew Malcolm.  He’s two years old, can barely talk and couldn’t quite make his mind up about the whether or not we wanted to walk for a while, and he cracks me up every time he tries to say my name (or, really, anything).

Not so terrible 2

My mother and my sister – the family that chose me.

Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend.  Peet’s always starts my mornings right, regardless of how the day ends up.

Our therapist.  Her professional insight (“That’s fucked up, you guys.”) and useful tools have helped keep our Team strong and steady in this shit storm swirling about us.

Football.  Watching Eli Manning lose and the Saints and my Cowboys wins all while yelling at the television is a great way to relieve stress.

Friends – the family you choose.

RHS.  My gratitude grows leaps and bounds each day.

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30 11 2009

Axl was one talented jackass, wasn’t he? Hang in there.

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