15 01 2010

God doesn’t like ugly.  Pat Robertson continues his tradition of not getting that memo.

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There’s not much that I have to add to Ambassador Raymond Joseph’s complete schooling¹ of Pat Robertson on Dr. Rachel Maddow’s show.  It was glorious.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But what really struck me – apart from the blunt force blow of his insensitivity – was the extension of Pat Robertson’s “logic”.  If we follow his statement to its natural conclusion we find that he is making the argument that we should not be moved to great sorrow over the tragedy in Haiti because they brought it on themselves (what with their slave ancestors rising up from brutal bondage to free themselves and defend their freedom against empires) – staying in bondage would have been the Christian thing to do.

This is a despicable thing to believe.
This is a despicable thing to say.
This is an especially despicable thing to say to and about the descendants of a people who were stolen from their home land, language and religion and were forced into conditions and status lower than that of chattal.  Who were, in fact, exhibited, and bought and sold like so much livestock.

The idea that Haitian slaves rejected Pat Robertson’s God and that their descendants are paying for it now wounds me in a place that I didn’t even know existed.

Pat Robertson’s God is almost as dirty a bastard as Pat Robertson is I reject him too.  Wouldn’t you?




¹Honestly, I don’t think that anyone has been schooled this hard since they stopped putting dunce caps on children and making them sit in the middle of the class room while everyone else in the class recited the lesson to the offending idiot.




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17 01 2010

Pat Robertson’s assertion is absolutely, unmitigatedly ridiculous and disgusting. There isn’t really anything to say that hasn’t already been said, but it bears repeating that his position doesn’t fails to represent the wider Christian opinion in the same way it fails to represent the wider American opinion, and it doesn’t make any sense at all.

I liked the way J Smooth discussed it, through a dual responsibility to the people of Haiti because of the immediate necessity caused by this disaster, but also because it “is the nation that taught our hemisphere what it means to be a freedom fighter.”

17 01 2010
Baby Power Dyke

@ Rebekah
Thanks for that. Where would we be without J Smooth?

To be clear: I just reject Pat Robertson’s God.
Me and my guy/gal/non-gendered amorphous constellation of energy (God’s a karma chameleon) are a-okay. 🙂

It just really burns my grits that these “Christian” leaders believe and say such hateful and anti-Christian things.

17 01 2010

We would we in a very bad place, probably.

And now I kind of think that all images of God in all faiths should be a karma chameleon… it would solve a lot of problems, I think, given that chameleons can be ANYTHING (and thus are free of human-based sex and racial differences which are … troubling in a lot of depictions of God – such as White Jesus. This idea just sounds better and better…).

17 01 2010
Emily Paige Ballou

Robertson has got to be going senile. He was always pretty vile, but look at the sheer idiocy of the literalism of what he’s saying. He really thinks that the Haitians literally “went to the devil and said ‘we will serve you,'” and the devil said “okay?”

Really? That’s how he thinks it went down?

Like I said to someone else this week: all sane Christians think this guy is completely demented.

17 01 2010
Emily Paige Ballou

Oh, and the Haitian ambassador was completely awesome. American history classes really suck.

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