Role Models: Dykes to look up to (and Oprah).

It’s a growing list.

Margaret Cho

Ellen Degeneres

Frida Kahlo

Audre Lorde

Rachel Maddow

Wanda Sykes

Oprah Winfrey

I think that Oprah has been on just about every list that I’ve made since the second grade.


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2 10 2008
etc at Fierce and Nerdy

Suze Orman?
Sia — though not sure if she counts as “power”

4 10 2008
Baby Power Dyke

I cannot add Suze Orman based upon her smugness, terrible frosting and the stupid spelling of her name.

Though Sia is definitely on the list to consider.
So is Wanda Sykes. I love that Wanda Sykes.

3 11 2008

New subscriber to yer blog here. 🙂

What about ambiguous dykes? You know, the ones who are suspiciously vague about such matters, but with a combination of wishful thinking and tenuous “evidence” of dykey tendencies we can claim them as our own?

…cause if you’re considering those, I have to nominate Noah Sow. She’s German, but don’t let the language barrier discourage you. In fact, I started learning German because of her.

3 11 2008
Baby Power Dyke

@ stefany

Ambiguous Dykes have a special place in my heart. The Debra Wilson place. Though Girlfriend told me that she thinks that Debra isn’t all that ambiguous. I say to her, “What.ever. Until Debra Wilson comes knocking on our door with a Babeland bag and ginger ale, I’m going to keep her in the ambiguous pool.”

-Course, if anyone out there knows something that I don’t, let me know.

Anyhoods, I would totally love to reap what Noah has to Sow. :O)
Thanks for putting her on my radar.

6 12 2008
wanda sykes married

California, November 17: Comedian Wanda Sykes has never openly talked about her sexual orientation to public. Now, the funnywoman says the recent passage of a same-sex marriage ban in California has prompted her to speak out

12 08 2009
Sykes your mind (make your booty shine). « Journal of a Power Dyke in Training

[…] Role Models: Dykes to look up to (and Oprah). […]

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