Fingers Crossed

9 03 2010

Uhm, Rush Limbaugh has said that he will leave the country if we get HCR happens.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh, prettyprettypretty please with prescription drugs on top.  We are so close, Democrats… when you’re facing party in-fighting and Stupidak opposition just think, “Two birds.  One stone.”




3 responses

9 03 2010

I will help him pack his bags

14 03 2010

Hey bpd… how are you mate?

Is this the fool that was determined to bring the ‘truth’ out about your good President’s ‘ethic’ past? The whole he isn’t a Citizen thing – wasn’t born in the US etc – so therefore is not entitled to be the President of the US of A…?

… if it’s the same bloke, man – do I feel for you fellas!

Still though – we do have the current leader of the opposition here in Oz – Tony Abbot.

I wouldn’t propose a swap though… it just would be fair on you mob!


16 03 2010
Baby Power Dyke

(waves) Hi Belongum!

He is one of such manyMANY fools.
A swap might work – as long as it’s an intergallactic swap. But then again… probably wouldn’t be fair to our as yet unmet friends in the Cosmos.

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