Nanna Nanna Booboo!

10 10 2008

In the words of Quinn’s best friend/tormentor and President of the Fashion Club, Sandi, “Well Well Well.”

I will admit that I am gloating.
Gloating that Ms. Palin was found guilty by the panel of her fellow Alaskans of an abuse of power in firing Walt Monegan.

Of course McCain/Palin has spent the past couple of days sitting and spinning and trying to explain this away. They’ve released their own report, written by their own staff members who just as fair and balanced as Fox News.

They’ve suggested that the report is “half-done and likely half-baked.” (Heh! He wishes!) Palin’s lawyer, Thomas Van Flein has even gone so far as to say that “the Branchflower report won’t be complete because the investigator didn’t interview key witnesses including the governor and her former chief of staff, Mike Tibbles. ‘They didn’t even try to interview the governor. You want to know why she reassigned Monegan, it would be nice to talk to her. They didn’t even try,’ Van Flein said.”

Now, I know that I’ve not gone to law school like (I presume) Mr. Van Flein has, but I would think, just from you know, what I’ve learned from Law & Order, that they did try to interview the governor. That’s what a subpoena is.

As my girlfriend Rachel Maddow would say, LIAR!
(Ah, Rachel Maddow so nervous and CUTE on the Tonight Show!)

Maybe Rachel Maddow can host an episode of SNL that Tina Fey is playing Sarah Palin on and then they can be together. Rachel Maddow and Tina Fey! TOGETHER! ON MY TV!

Both of them with their cutewonderfulsexynerdy glasses, I just.
It’s like. Sometimes when the air. And my head. Mrs. White was right but in the TOTAL opposite way of what I’m feeling here. Because yes! On fire.
I know that you can’t see me but I just wanted you to know that I’ve clasped my hands together in front of my lips, grinned until it began to hurt and then realized that I had to breathe.

The joy that would bring me… is… uhm… there are no words that I feel comfortable sharing here.

They are good words! But private.

Anyhoods, let’s move on to my favourite of the responses to the report.

This one from yesterday:

“It’s a governor’s right and responsibility to make sure that they have the right people in the right place at the right time to best serve the people who hired them, and for me, the people of Alaska, so my cabinet’s got to be the right cabinet for the people of Alaska.”

Oh, Sandi you do try.